Make Them Pay Full Price

The neighbors are always watching…and talking.

Every customer you sell your product or service to will eventually tell somebody else, or many other people, about their purchase. Your ability to make a living as a self-employed service provider comes down to your ability to get your full price for your services.

There’s no sense taking out a personal line of credit to support you when you could pay your bills from your profit margins instead.

If you’re a roofer, the roof you sell one neighbor is likely to be the roof you sell the next neighbor. The shingle color or the manufacturer may be different, but the profit margins will be similar. Remembers, customers talk to each other. The price you set with one customer is likely to be the price you’ll get from the next customer.

Don’t Be Cheap

When you sell one neighbor on a cheap price, your chances of selling the next neighbor on an even cheaper price go way up.

You train your prospects to buy at the level you sold the customer before them.

People may not know their neighbors as well as they did 50 years ago, but somehow they still get around to talking when the whole neighborhood is getting their roofs replaced. For instance, roofers in arlington tx can demand different prices based on the prices they charged their prior customers. Good roofing reviews come from giving your customers good service. To give them good service, you need to make a good profit.

Special Pricing

Be very careful when cutting deals, giving things away, or doing special pricing just to get your first deal.

The price you set with the first prospect is likely to be the price you’ll get from the second.

Train your prospects to pay full price.

In other words, sell them because the future of your business depends on getting full price.


Insurance Claim Financial Information

A good insurance company wants to help you through the claim process. Their goal is exceptional customer service.

If you are happy after you’ve filed a claim, you will be more likely to remain a customer. If you are unhappy, not only are you likely to switch insurance companies, but you’re also likely to tell your closest friends and family about your bad experience.

After you file an insurance claim, you will be given a report, usually a line-by-line breakdown, to show you exactly what is covered by your insurance policy. It is an estimate to repair the damages to your home or property. Generally, your adjuster will use a modern software program to give you the latest pricing information available in your area. For instance, if you are getting a new roof from roofers in loganville ga, you’ll get material and labor pricing from similar services in and around loganville georgia.

Review The Estimate

You’ll want to review the estimate and pricing. If you have questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact your insurance adjuster. If you hire a contractor to do the repairs to your home or property, and your contractor’s estimate differs from your insurance adjuster’s estimate, you’ll want to immediate contact your insurance company to resolve any differences.

It’s best practice to avoid starting work in excess of your adjuster’s estimate until you have insurance approval for any additional costs. If you do not report these differences in advance, you may not be able to get coverage for the additional work. Construction and roofing contractors are familiar with these procedures and can wait with you until you get final approval.

If the coverage is legitimately denied for work you want to get done, you may want to ask about a personal line of credit or guidance on applying for a home equity loan.

Your Feedback Is Important

claim paid for by insurance company

Example of a roof repair from an insurance claim.

When the damage has all been repaired or replaced, your opinion of your insurance companies help will be very important to them. If you have feedback, it’s good to provide it before, during, and after the process. You are the customer and your voice matters.

If you have an idea that can help the insurance claims process along, you may be able to help enhance future claims processes.

Your insurance adjuster, insurance company, and insurance agent are all in business to help you throughout the claims process. If you need assistance along the way, do not hesitate to contact them. You have a choice in who you will use for your personal insurance.

Your business is extremely valuable.


The Actor and The Sales

Selling is acting. Acting is selling.

They are one in the same. You can’t sell without acting and you can’t act without selling.

An actor delivers their lines in a way meant to convince their audience they are for real…so does a salesperson. Words are just a small part of their presentation. There’s body language, emotion, facial expressions, hand gestures, pauses, stops, voice inflection, and so much more…SO MUCH MORE!

A salesperson may not go to the same lengths as an actor, but they still have to stand and deliver their presentation in a way that is both powerful and convincing.

We Are All In Sales

You may not like to think of yourself as a salesperson, or an actor, but your ability to stay in business comes down to your ability to sell your products and services to people who will pay you money. If you can’t sell, you can’t stay in business.

You may not be selling your services for cash or credit, but you’re selling something about your service that the other party has to buy. In order for them to buy from you, whether that’s an appointment, a P.O., or a firm commitment to see you again, you have to sell yourself in order to get what you want.

Your presentation is much more than words…it’s acting…and you are the actor.

Acting For Fun

Here’s Bradley Cooper showing off his acting abilities in this video. You may not be Bradley Cooper, but you are an actor if you’re in business.